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The location of your wedding sets the stage for one of the most exciting days in your life.  With this in mind, we’d love for you to take a moment and discover how we can make your wedding day experience one you’ll never forget. At Lake Lyndsay, we provide the location and you have the freedom to make it your own. 

This also allows you to do something different… Instead of serving the typical wedding meal, think about having a local pizzeria or your favorite restaurant provide the food.  Or, let us recommend a qualified and trusted caterer that will help to customize your menu based on the foods you both love.

You’re also given the choice to provide your own alcoholic beverages.  This alone can serve to be an astronomical cost savings.

Providing you with these options not only sets your event apart from the rest, but allows you to cut down on the overall cost of hosting such an event.

Need help making all of this come to fruition?… That’s what we’re here to do! 

Welcome to Lake Lyndsay

The Lodge

The Lodge is the largest reception hall on the property which can accommodate 192-400 guests.  Although 192 guests are not required in order to book this venue.  

Built on its own peninsula surrounded by the lake on three sides, this location offers countless possibilities to stage an event to remember.   

Your guests will be astounded by what they see when entering into the main room.  Right away the 30 ft. tall oak ceiling and huge stone fireplace grab their attention.  The focal point of the venue is the back wall of peaked windows framing the beautiful view of the surrounding lake.

Located at the back of the reception hall, the covered porch overlooks the lake and gazebo where the most memorable outdoor ceremonies are held.

If considering an outdoor ceremony at The Lodge, have the peace of mind knowing there is a "back-up plan" inside, in front of the beautiful stone fireplace.

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Beach House

This stunning venue is unique in that it is a mostly outdoor ceremony & reception venue, and can seat up to 200 guests under cover.

Covered and enclosed on three sides, the front of the building is open to the lake…and literally is 10 ft. away from the water. 

The gazebo sits right next to the water, which serves as the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

The enormous patio can offer an infinite amount of possibilities such as lake side cocktails, dancing, or seating for your guests.  This patio area features a 40x80 white "tent" building.


The Beach House is the most beautiful outdoor waterside location to host your most special event you will find in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Hamilton areas.

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Kayla's Korner

This venue was modeled to resemble the Lodge, but offer a smaller more intimate feel to your wedding reception, and can seat up to 200 guests. 

When entering Kayla’s Korner, your guests will immediately notice the grand double staircase that connects the balcony to the main floor of the reception hall.  Entire walls of windows allow your guests to over look the beautiful lake and surrounding property.

Located near the back of Kayla's Korner is the building’s own private outdoor ceremony pavilion.  This area has 3 tiered levels which lead to a gazebo overlooking the private pond.

Kayla's Korner has two "back-up" plans incase of inclimate weather, one being outside under the covered porch and the other would be inside between the double staircase.

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Weddings & Events

For the Sweetest Moments in Life

It's important to understand the most sizable difference between us and the typical "all inclusive" reception venue, is the freedom to choose.  At Lake Lyndsay we provide you with the location and allow you to make all the important decisions.

What does this actually mean?

When you’re able to make choices based on your preferences and overall budget, breaking everything down in this way will undoubtedly prove to be a major cost savings to you.

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